Emasculating the dog

My dog Ramsey is a little over a year old and a true ratbag.  Daughter number 2 who is with me at least every second weekend has been harping for months now about the need to get him desexed.  Now he doesn’t have a predilection to hump legs of tables or persons, he is not overly agressive and whilst I understand that it is a recommended course of action I’m a bloke.  And blokes struggle with the thought of having their balls chopped off.

Today daughter number two decided to tr and appeal to my medical knowledge by telling me that if his was deknackered he would not get testicular cancer, to which I replied “Why don’t we chop off his head then.  That way he won’t get a brain tumour.”

Now any bloke who has seen someone else hit in the nuts at any time knows that it is the one thing that makes all of us squirm.  It is deeply programmed into mankind and most likely dates back to the time when our first shrew like ancestor fell onto a tree branch and straddled it painfully.  It’s something that we tend to want to avoid at all costs.  I’m not saying he won’t be done at some stage in the future but right now with a 16 year old telling me that his nuts are gross and he’d be better off without them, I am manfully resisting the call.