Prius Drivers the new Volvo Drivers

Everyone knows that it is best to avoid certain types of drivers – mothers dropping kids to school, old men wearing hats, young men wearing baseball caps backwards, women applying mascara and of course anyone who drives a Volvo.  Each and everyone of these classes of people seem pretty much oblivious to other road users. 

Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, having had the pleasure of driving to work several times over the past couple of weeks or so, I want to add another group to the list.  Prius drivers, absolute tools.  Maybe they think driving an semi-electric car shows they have a green conscience and the rest of us owe them something.  I’ve been cut off, held up, denied lanes and found my presence totally ignored by these Prius driving priapic pricks.  And yes I know there is a certain tautology about that statement but I don’t care.