Jeff Kennett Assassination Attempt ….Not that I can remember

I’ll start this by saying that I had a lot of time for Jeff Kennett as premier of Victoria.   As a copper at the Counter Terrorist Intelligence Section where part of our role was investigation into threats against senior public office holders, we had a lot to do with Jeff and his office, and we were always treated well.

Jeff and his family received threats against them on a daily basis and each and every one of them was evaluated, assessed and investigated where it needed to be.   He received bullets in the mail at his office and in his letter box at home, he received abusive and threatening phone calls and letters.  In some cases we were able to identify people who made the threats and charge them where appropriately.

Yesterday on Radio Station 3AW Jeff said that as Premier he was shot at twice.   That’s been picked up in the daily newspapers today and you can read The Age article here.  There are things Jeff says in the interview that are correct, he did receive death threats and he did have his house vandalised and there was inordinate and unfair pressure put on his family.  It was a horrible time for him.

I have to say though that I cannot remember any time during the nearly 9 years I was at the Counter Terrorist Section ever being told about an assassination attempt, let alone investigating one.   Now it could be that I’ve forgotten, it could be that it wasn’t reported at all to Police, or it could be that it was reported to some other group of police who didn’t report it to us at the time.    Memory can play funny tricks.