Books – E-reader – Books -E-reader

Yeah I’m a hoarder.  Still got every book I ever owned but a lot of them haven’t even come out of the boxes I packed them in on the last move.   Now with another move pending I have to decide whether I try and flog them, give them away or bring them with me.

My problem is I rearely go into a book shop without buying at least one and I have several hundred I’ve bought over the past couple of years that are still in pristine condition on the book shelf that will take me several years to get through at the rate I read these days.   The problem is no one writes a stand alone story any more, even trilogies are becoming old hat as multiple books are churned out by people who I really enjoy as authors.

I’ve looked at various e-readers and figure that a tablet computer is far more useful than a simple electronic book reader because of the versatility.  But you know what, I like the look and feel of a book, the picking up and turning of the pages as the story unfolds, an e-reader just isn’t the same is it.