Hey I’ve got the fever

Is it just me or is the hayfever season lasting longer than usual.  Maybe it’s the extra rain and the fact that the grasses have gone gang busters.   And how the hell do you blow your nose politely on the train when it’s packed full of people doing their best to ignore the bloke in the ill fitting suit honking into a hanky already dripping with…well with snot; can’t really call it anything else.  So you have to try and manoeveur your hand into your pocket and hope that the hanky isn’t so wet it will leave suspicious patches on the trouser leg.  And then when you finally get it back in another sneeze approaches and you have to grab it quickly before you spray the lady with the blue rinse sitting in front of you.   And the worst part of all is that as I am getting older it seems to be getting worst.  Give me another couple of years and I’ll be blowing my nose into a beach towell and that means I’m gonna need much bigger pockets.