Leaving Work

I had my final day at work today and looking forward to a week off before I start my new job.  We celebrated with lunch and it was great to see around 40 people turn up to wish me well.   This is a very different way to leave a work place compared to my last role from which I was sacked.

And I shed a few tears when later in the afternoon I was presented with my card and gift.  I’ll miss you folks.  It’s been a fun and challenging place to work.  Sure I haven’t liked every day and didn’t like every aspect, but I cannot complain about most of my colleagues.  We had a few laughs and a bit of fun along the way.

The organisation took a big punt on me two and a half years ago when they appointed me to a role I had little experience in and coming off a sacking I have to admit my self esteem wasn’t all that great at the time.  So I had a steep learning curve and came to the conclusion that you don’t necessarily have to have specific job related experience to be successful in a role.  You need to be able to communicate and to build relationships and I hope that is one of my strengths, learnt over many years and in many very different job spaces.

I got a bit emotional and I know that grown men don’t cry…but I do sometimes.