The Shipwreck Coast

Here are a few more photos taken along the shipwreck coast of south western Victoria on our sojourn last weekend.


Cape Otway Lighthouse

We just spent a pleasant few days exploring the Otway Ranges in Victoria and I’ll post some pictures over the next few days.  One of the things we did was visit the Cape Otway Lighthouse which sits on the Southern Point of the Australian mainland and overlooks that treacherous water where the Southern Ocean meets Bass Strait.  The Lighthouse dates back to 1848 and even after it was built ships were lost on the shoals along what is now known as Victoria’s shipwreck Coast.

This was also the site of the telegraph station that connected the mainland to Tasmania via King Island and on the wall in that Station now is the following poster sowing the semaphore flags that were raised as ships sailed past and signalled who they were, how many passengers they had on board, how many died since embarkationa dn how many were born and where there destiantion port was.  The telegraph then sent the messages onto Melbourne and beyond.

But what struck me was the flag in the second photo.   What the????

And now for some of the more picturesque photos –