Half Framed

The slab was poured two weeks ago last Thursday and the frame started last Thursday.  The whole house is supposed to be finished by the end of June which means we’ll probably move in during July.

So by the end of this week the frame should be finished and the tiling done the week after.

The former company is now officially in liquidation.  The good thing about that is that we have now been able to lodge a claim through the Federal Governments GEERS process which has been established to protect the rights of workers whose companies fold.   I should get at least part payment back of what my entitlements were.
I want to also mention the disaster in Japan and hope that life can begin to get back to as normal as possible for all of those affected.   Whilst I still worry about the unfolding crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant I think the more remarkable thing is that the plants withstood both the earthquake and the tsunami.    The pity is that it is setting back the argument for nuclear power for all the wrong reasons.  

I read this week about the use of Thorium as a fuel instead of uranium which has a lot of advantages – cleaner, less waste, shorter half life, etc.   Why aren’t we hearing more about that.
I’ve so far refrained to comment on our Prime Minister’s Carbon Tax but I need to say something.  Firstly, I wrote to my local member here in Latrobe, Laura Smyth, asking if she was comfortable with the Prime Minister lying about not introducing a carbon tax and then lying about lying.   Needless to say I got no response.

It’s a pity that this is another issue that won’t be discussed on it’s merits.  Firstly, it’s about taxing carbon dioxide emissions, not carbon.  Secondly, if no one is going to be any worse off when it’s introduced as the government is now saying, why introduce it in the first place.   Thirdly, if nuclear power is off the Agenda, then we will likely be exporting more coal, particularly to Japan in the short term.  How does, taxing us in Australia, prevent global warming.  If all of those things sound disjointed and poorly argued, you’re absolutely right.  But then so is the whole global warming, climate change crap.



Melbourne traffic is pretty bad these days but sometimes the drive to work feels like Moses parting the Red Sea as the lanes open up before me.  Other times it’s like being in a sewer with turds dropping into every free spot.  Today though I saw a vehicle which I thought could slip in and out of traffic pretty easily.