Brief Update

Two weeks into the new job and I’m getting a handle on things and how much actually needs to be done.   It’s an initial 9 month contract and I’ll have to perform to keep it, but I can do that 🙂

The former company I worked for has an order coming up in the Supreme Court on the 9th of March to put it into liquidation which finally means that we can pursue our outstanding entitlements.  It’ll still take a few months but we should be able to recover some of it by then.   I hope some action is taken to investigate the former CEO and an alleged missing $600k because he doesn’t deserve to get away with that.

By the end of this week the pipes should be down on the block and the boxing done in preparation for the slab to go down on the 23rd of this month.  Seems to have taken forever to get to this stage given it’s more than a year since we bought the land.

Met some new neighbours yesterday – young couple called Jason and Sherry who seem really nice people.  It’s amazing that we already know around a dozen people on the estate but don’t even know the next door neighbour here in a house we’ve lived in for nearly three years.   I’m looking forward to putting down new roots away from a place that I thought would always be home.


Rain Rain

Sorry to have been silent for the past week and thanks to all who sent their best wishes to me.  I started the new job last Monday and it looks like being a challenging and interesting role.

Last night after leaving work Raels and I decided to drive down to the block, not because we’ve started building yet, but because there has been a fair bit of activity in the street and we’re interested in watching how things progress.   At the time we left the city the skies were dark and threatening but the roads were still dry.   We had a good run along Dandenong Road.

We turned off onto the Franston Dandenong road and it started to rain.  After getting to the South ZGippsland Highway and crawling along in bumper to bumper traffic and driving through a storm we later found out dumped 178 mm of rain, or around 7 inches in the old scale, in an hour on Lyndhurst, right where we were we came across this.   The photos were taken on a very slow shutter speed in near darkness but you’ll get the idea.

Eventually the police blocked the road behind us and we were able to drive out.  Even so we still had a few detours past flooded roads and eventually made it home around four hours after leaving work.  Needless to say we didn’t get to the block.

We live on the side of the Dandenong Ranges in Ferntree Gully and this morning here was the situation at the bottom of our driveway.

And there is more rain to come later today.  What amazes me is that there are idiots who still drive as if the roads are dry.   4wd and late model utes are all driven by bloody idiots.  Raels has some more photos on her blog Destination 3977, and Kylie, a friend of ours on the estate where we are building has posted pictures of the estate this morning on her blog Ky’s Big Adventure.

This afternoon we are supposed to be attending Raels brothers wedding in Mornington.  Let’s hope the rain eases and we can get through.