Habba Syndrome

Now if you read the heading of this post you may be wondering what the hell Habba Syndrome is and why I would be talking about it.  But bear with me and I’ll try and explain.

When I posted the stories about David Tree and Sam the Koala last week I suddenly started to receive a lot more visits than what I normally got from you, my small but loyal readership and I decided that it may be worth trying an experiment.   Most of the hits on those stories came from people doing google searches on a combination of those words.

So today I looked up Google Trends for 15th February and found that the top search as I write this is for “Habba Syndrome”.    So I thought, even though this won’t be actually posted till late today, that I would place this post on here and see how many hits I receive from people searching Habba Syndrome.

And if you do happen to visit here as a result, so that your visit isn’t all to no avail, may I point you to some places that will give you the information I hope you seek.

This is straight from the website of Dr Habba who I am sure is very pleased to have the syndrome named after him, although you may wonder why.

“It is an association between a dysfunctional, intact gallbladder and chronic diarrhea. Patients with the syndrome present with varying degrees of chronic diarrhea (three or more bowel movements per day for at least three months). Diarrhea is classically described as frequent, loose bowel movements and may be watery in nature. They could be explosive at times and may even be associated with great urgency and even incontinence. Diarrhea is mostly after meals (post prandial diarrhea). Because of this urgency, patients usually look for a bathroom wherever they go, also known as “bathroom mapping”.”

And for me that is quite enough information especially given that it seems to manifest itself mainly during the day.  If you do have it, may I wish you a speedy recovery.


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