What others think.

It is no secret that I have made mistakes. Last night after I had told my lady about the events of the day she broke down and made up her mind to leave. It was all too hard. We were judged, despised and condemned by people who knew only one side of the story. And sometimes it is really difficult to see when things may begin to improve. It’s often one step forward, two back.

And in any story whilst both sides have elements of truth the ultimate reality lies somewhere in between. In my desire not to hurt anyone anymore than I already had I let other people either tell my story, or let them listen only to the one side that showed me in the worst possible light. And in some ways that did suit me when you harbour guilt or lose your self respect it is easy to believe the worst. I have done my best to accept all blame and not make negative comments about my ex to anyone. Yesterday made me believe that perhaps I hadn’t been afforded the same courtesy.

It was a message from her daughter that convinced my lady not to walk away. “You know Mum” she said, “I am sure everyone is hated by someone, but at the end of the day if you come home to a really nice guy it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

That made us both feel much better.

I have begun a private blog taking the lead from some of you and I’ll send out email invitations to those of you who wish to view it. I will definitely keep this one going but there are times when I need to be a bit more circumspect with what I say. If you haven’t received an invitation but would like one please drop me an email.


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