Me Mum Too

Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes. Mum’s artery in her left leg is totally blocked from her groin to above her knee and again from below her knee to her foot. The doctor’s will insert a plastic artery from her right leg to bypass the other blockage and hopefully return some blood circulation to her left foot. She is booked to go into hospital on Monday and is to be operated on on Wednesday next week.

Of course there are a lot of risks involved with a 77 year old undergoing a general anesthetic as well as risks of post operative infections but the risk of not having the procedure done is that gangrene may set in and ultimately that would lead to amputation. She is still in denial about the cause of the blockages. In her mind it is due to her back pain despite the doctor telling her it was caused by her smoking. I’ve just hung up the phone from her and I could tell she was smoking while she was talking to me. What’s that about old dogs?


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