A Compass for Holidays

It is 18 years since I spent either Boxing Day or the day after at home. In all that time I have been traveling to a holiday destination with my family. Even last year, I spent the first week away with my daughters before doing a tag team with their mother. So as with Christmas, there is a great sense of change lingering upon me. That comes with a touch of trepidation and one can only hope some day that this holiday will once more become one of anticipation for me. Daughter number two and her mother are heading off tomorrow, once more to Narooma, where the summers are great. So I am glad that they are continuing this tradition even though I know I won’t ever be part of it again.

Today I took daughter number two shopping for a birthday present for her Mum, because that will occur when they are away, and we decided also to go and see the movie “The Golden Compass” which only opened here yesterday. I have read with interest the pannings it has gotten from critics and noted also that it has been considered a box office failure in the States. There has been some talk about it being anti-religion but to be honest, who cares, in my opinion it’s a good story well told, and we both enjoyed it. So don’t be put off by what other people are saying, it’s a book written as a child’s fantasy, no Lord of the Rings, but stunning visually and as good as The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.


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