The Ghosts of Soldiers Past

I have been absent again for a few days this week only this time in Canberra where son number 1 graduated as an officer in the Australian Army from the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

I am one very proud father again at the moment but also a little fearful of what the future holds. Having said that I know that he is absolutely committed to this career as were the other 140 young men and women who graduated with him as the Class of 2007.

I was also very grateful for the five mates of his that took time off work to attend the graduation ceremony.

My son follows in the footsteps of one great-Grandfather who was a Rat of Tobruk, another who was at Gallipoli and yet another who fought for three years on the Western Front in World War 1. He has great-great-uncles who were in the Pacific and Malaya in World War 2, who fought with both the American and Australian armies in Papua New Guinea. The uncle after whom I was named was killed by the Japanese on the first day of the invasion of Rabaul and others were prisoners at Changi and on the Burma Railway. So there is a long and proud military history in my family and i am sure those ghosts of soldiers past were standing there proudly watching another of our number join their ranks.

So forgive my absence in particular from your blogs, I will get back to commenting on them over the next few days I hope.


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