The Lines are Blurring

My question is do I keep this blog going. It was my first although it began with a bit of a flurry in 2004 but was then ignored for a number of years. This was meant to be a blog that was more of a daily journal than a commentary on how I felt about things, one of my other blogs Midlife had that role.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the counter on this blog clicked over 750 visits at the same time Midlife clicked to 666. Two milestone numbers that stuck in my mind. As I sit here now this blog has clicked to 3950 but the other is now sitting on 9972 and probably by the time I awaken in the morning it will have hit 10,000.

And the lines I had drawn between the two have blurred. I am now no longer quite so clear in my own mind as to why I should continue with two separate blogs. My midlife journey has become by turns reflective, contemplative and self critical. It has a number of regular visitors and commentators who have come to share and offer advice and who I now number among my friends. I won’t delete this blog but I wonder if it still serves the same purpose it once did and whether in particular there is any further need for separateness. Midlife was originally somewhere I would write things that I didn’t think people who knew me would read or want to read. It has become obvious over the past couple of months that quite a few of you who do read both these blogs do also know me personally and if the truth be told, probably know me far better now having read what I write, than you ever did before.

I have been contemplating a move to wordpress with my own domain name as some of my fellow bloggers have done and one advantage of that is that I can merge both of these blogs into one.

I do also have a third blog which sees relatively fewer entries per month but is specifically related to my photography [Visions of Oz if you haven’t seen it]. I’ve not yet decided if I should merge that one as well if I do go down the wordpress path.

Any advice or comments are welcomed.


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