Son number 1 is on a weeks leave from Duntroon as of yesterday. The last two times he was down he stayed with me but spent a fair bit of time at his mothers which was of course “home”. This time home is no longer available to him because it’s occupied by a stranger and he has said that he will be staying with a mate rather than with me. Odd that now the daughters are accepting of my new living arrangements that my sons seem to be struggling with it.

Son number 2 is heading off to Townsville tomorrow with a couple of mates. He’s told me he has work lined up and that for the first few days they’ll be bedding down at a friend of a friends place until they can find one of their own. I’ve also told him that if it doesn’t work out and has to move back here that I have a spare bedroom he can have.

I am sad that both of them are having trouble with the situation and I fully understand that maybe they think in some bizarre way that if they accept it they would be betraying their mum. But I’m the only one who has done that and that can’t be changed. I trust that in time they will come around. At the very least I am hoping that son number 1 will be around for dinner maybe tomorrow night, and I’m sure we’ll at least go to a movie this week, most likely on tightarse Tuesday.


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