Scientology and Blog Catalog

Now to the best of my knowledge I have never mentioned Scientology on this blog before. Truth is I know very little about it other than Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are practioners. I did however, read L Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth when I was a kid.

Now I have been a member of Blog Catalog since fairly early in my blogging life but I have to say I hadn’t noticed a related blogs section on the right hand side of this blogs page before today. The three blogs this widget says are related to this one are –

A matter of perspective which is a fellow Aussie blog so I can see some connection there.

Palo Alto Scientology Mission and

Soma Scientology Mission

I for the life of me can’t really see any connection to those last two. So I invite any of you to find a link or any readers who also happen to be Scientologists to perhaps explain what they may see as a link. Secondly, if you’re a member of Blog Catalog, what are your “related blogs”?


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