Social Networking

I don’t pretend to know a lot about social networking. For me blogging is about the writing and if people read what I write that is a bonus. When I started blogging in earnest only a few months ago there were very few readers and even fewer comments. That changed when I joined both MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog and I started to get regular people checking in and developing friendships with many of those people.

One of the major advantages of those sites is the recent viewers or recent reader widgets that can be installed which tells me who is visiting and I make a point of returning the favour to those people. I also find that I will click on the icons for visitors to their sites on their widgets and I have stumbled on a number of blogs in that manner which are now regular reads.

One of the things that I have found is that there are very few Aussie readers of my blogs, whilst the traffic to my blogs in terms of numbers is split fairly evenly between Australia and the US as the largest number of visitors, I suspect that 95% of the Aussie visitors are in fact me.

I also don’t profess to know a lot about Web 2.0 in fact I’m very much learning as I go which is part of the fun I guess.

So I thought that I might try a bit of an experiment and have searched for some Aussie bloggers today and decided to leave a few comments to see if any of them do find their way back here. Laurel Papworth who blogs about social networking has set up Bloggerati Australia to link Aussie Bloggers together so I’m off to join and I’ll watch with interest to see if the number of fellow Aussies visiting here shows any increases over the next weeks and months.

Incidentally, if any of you who read this aren’t members of MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog, I would urge you to join. You’re sure to find people you enjoy spending time with.

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