Of Dirty Chooks

From an old Journal – 12 November 1989
It’s funny how things don’t really change. The other day I was out in the car with Luke and Glen when Luke said, “There’s a horse!”

Both Glen and I looked and Luke started giggling “Made you look you dirty chook”, he said.

I remember the same phrase from my days at school and it’s probably been around for much longer than that. All these things that Luke is learning have obviously been passed on from schoolyard generation to generation and will no doubt continue to be. It’s something I hadn’t thought about for years and it surprised and delighted me to hear it again.

Glen tried to mimic Luke. “There’s a horse you chook,” he said. And Luke as so often does sighed and patronisingly told his little brother the correct phrase.

Glen tried again. “Look a dirty chook,” he yelled with conviction.

All three of us laughed with Luke shaking his head wisely “Glen always gets it wrong doesn’t he Dad.”
The photo is of my boys today, a far cry from the 4 and 5 year olds of that post above. And you know what they still get on well most of the time, but love nothing better than taking the piss out of each other when they can.


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