From my sister

My sisters had organized for some portraits of my kids to be done for my birthday but when they found out they wouldn’t be ready in time decided to do a scrapbook photo album for me. This was written on one of the pages –

The Boy and Girl in Blue
I was so proud of you when you joined the Police Force. It had been such a struggle for you to find work. Even after graduating from uni with degrees in everything, you had an enormous folder filled with applications. They were the days when they told you you were too qualified.

So into a life of crime (on the right side of the law) you went. I loved coming out every Wednesday to visit you at the Academy with Mum. For me it was more about having a good perve on the other police! Soon much to your disgust I was dating one of your Squad mates. You joined and said to me “Why don’t you join?” my answer was a defininte no at that stage.

Then only some 2 years later, I was also to enter the Police Academy. My graduation was one of my proudest days – not just because I had achieved it, but because finally I was smart enough to do something kjust like my big brother. The girl that failed Year 11 – against all odds had finally achieved a good result!

When you turned up in your police uniform you made me the proudest sister that there could have been. Even though we had to stand and have our photos taken with our old aunts in their fur coats.

Thanks for everything Loz. You were my inspiration back in 1983 – the day I graduated.

And you still are today!

I love you


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