Weird and Wonderful Searches

Inspired by Dan Leone who spoke about someone searching Tea Leoni’s nipples and landing on his site and knowing that now I have mentioned it on mine that someone may one day land on this one as well, I decided that I would look at some of the searches people have done that have lead them to visiting here.

I have no real idea how typing “car+cleaned” or facial or Vaucluse High would lead to this blog, although I think I may have mentioned facial hair in the entry on my porn star name. I’ve never been to Vaucluse High and have to admit that I don’t even know what suburb let alone what country Vaucluse might be in. I can understand that someone might get here typing in “deadwood” because I did say somewhere that I was watching and enjoying the DVD’s.

But I absolutely deny that I have ever mentioned anything at all to do with “cousin’s having sex” and I’m pretty sure the person who visited here on 25th June would have found absolutely nothing to their liking.


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