You Never Know – from journal 1 01/07/1985

I was talking to a TOG [Traffic Operations Group] senior constable the other day who told me a story about a situation he was in one day when he was riding solos [motorbikes].

He pulled up next to a woman in a car and attempted to intercept her by raising his arm, pointing his finger to the left hand side of the road and yelling “Pull Over!”

As with many members of the publis when confronted by a policeman this woman panicked and instead of pulling left, swerved to the right, narrowly missing the motorcycle cop. This made him a little angry so he pulled up beside her again with his siren screaming, gesticulating wildly and yelling “I said pull over to the left.”

This time the woman understood, only when her car left the bitumen she lost control and it rolled a few times eventually ending up on its roof. The poor cop thought to himself that he might be in a bit of strife. Fortunately by the time he had pulled over the woman had gotten safely out of the vehicle and apart from being shaken she was alright. The cop radioed for assistance and an ambulance duly arrived.

The ambulance officer asked the woman “Was there anyone else in the car?”

She replied “Oh yes my husband was there.”

The cop was shaken again because he certainly hadn’t seen anyone else in the car before it crashed and on checking it after the crash didn’t find anyone either. He had a quick look around the scene and there was no evidence of anyone having been flung clear so he said to the woman,

“Are you sure your husband was there, I can’t find him.”

“He’s dead!” she said and the cops face dropped again. “He died last week in Melbourne, was cremated and I’m taking his ashes home to be scattered on the farm.”

The cop felt like laughing but thought that it was probably more prudent to remain silent. He went back to the vehicle and sure enough there was the box, open, and beside it the ashes scattered everywhere. He scarped some ashes and a lot of gravel and dust into the box, closed it up and returned it triumphantly to the woman.

He didn’t say if he booked her or not.


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