Letter to Amanda 1981

As most of you know my niece Amanda had a bit of a crack at me last week. By coincidence I was re-reading some of my old journals last night [I know, I need to get a real life] and I came across this letter I wrote to her on the occasion of her Christening.

From Journal 1 – 21 July 1981

I wrote this on Amanda’s Christening card some time ago –

I suppose on the occasion of a Christening it is pertinent to offer some sort of advice to the Christenee; even if he or she probably won’t be able to understand it for another fifteen to twenty years.

Firstly always listen to the advice of others. This does not imply blind acceptance but rather a careful consideration of all points of view before you make up your own mind.

Secondly, remember that wisdom is measured in experience and not merely in years. I have known children with a clearer view of the world than many adults whose years have clouded their views with bigotry, hatred and bitterness. Remember therefore, that wisdom can be found in places where it is least expected.

Thirdly, believe in wilderness for it is the only sure escape from the regimentation of day to day activity. The knowledge that wilderness exists provides a possible escape from the rule of the clock. Anyone who has seen an ocean sunset or felt the cold sting of a mountain wind on a winter morn will know what I mean.

Finally be not afraid to dream.


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