Bad Jokes – good father?

Had a visit to my Counsellor this morning who had permission from my daughter to tell me a few things. She had been asked to say what she likes about me, what she doesn’t like about me and what she would like from me.

The first thing she said was that she likes my corny jokes – lame as they, are they make her laugh. She couldn’t really think of something she didn’t like, but she did wish that I would ask her around for dinner occasionally. Which I will of course do, but which I had also tried doing on a few occasions only to have her back out because she had better things to do. I will attempt to make it a regular once a week thing to do with both my daughters and maybe son number two [son number one lives interstate at the moment].

She also commented on how overwhelmed she was that I had admitted to her that I find it hard to express my feelings verbally. I didn’t think saying that was a real big deal, but it obviously was to her and that makes me glad that I did raise it with her. So I can see a way forward with her, now I just have to work out how to deal with the thirteen year old.


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