Daughter Issues

Last night I met my ex and we discussed boundaries. Whilst I can’t say that it was a wonderful experience it is not a nasty breakup. However, after I dropped her home, I got a message from my youngest daughter saying that she didn’t want me to take her to school this morning.

Last time I got a similar message I didn’t deal with it for a couple of days, so this time I decided I would go around and sort it out immediately as best I could. Bottomline is that she has major issues with me being in a relationship with the lady she blames for breaking up her family. And that is a very simplistic view of what happened which she has no real possibility of understanding for a long time yet. The only way I can really deal with that is to make every effort to remain a part of her life and hope that as time goes on and she sees that I am happy that she will come around.

Kids as teenagers are very good at saying to parents that it is their life and that we shouldn’t interfere, they are not so good at understanding that parents also have a right to make a life for themselves, and not have to bind their decisions by what they think may be best for their kids. At the end of the day that is a pathway to unhappiness.


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